Mysterious mailbox

When I was in love, my messages moved from the Drafts, then Edited several times before finally sent they were Star marked and put into Favorites after the breakup, messages in my Inbox are Trashed into the trash folder. My mailbox is always a mystery! Six Sentence Story – Mailbox #amwriting #poetry #love #life #syncwithdeep […]


we met on a dark day at a derelict road we meet the first time we had a comfortable conversation we talked about our love and breakup we talked and talked when we reached the area filled with bright light we felt UNSAFE the first time (46 words) Weekend Writing Prompt #68 – Derelict #amwriting […]

sensual whispers…

every gap will be filled every curve will be straightened every contour will be neatly traced every dent will be fixed I will explore he whispered to me in a husky voice I noted the renovation contractor’s number 🙂 #amwriting #poetry #love #life #syncwithdeep FOWC-sensual

An Appeal

I am not allowed to think beyond four walls thinking out of the box was considered a sinner. My imagination is short-circuited and creativity is on the verge of extinction I have become an endangered species in the process of analyzing and thinking. Whenever I stayed awake as a night owl striving for five A’s […]

strength energy

while my family looked surprised and aghast she smiled at me from the mirror with tears the rest of the world look at my shaven head but I spotted the strength in me for hair for hope FOWC- Energy #amwriting #poetry #love #life #@syncwithdeep

make a wish!

as a child I always thought airplanes were stars that carried wishes and requests from one country to another my heart pains because every time I try catching the fireflies I thought they were shooting stars ‘Hey! shooting star make a wish!’ I heard me say even though astronomy teaches not to expect anything out […]