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Exaggeration is my piece of cake!

Maybe, I inherited this from my mother. I still remember the constant arguments with my mom where food always stood at the forefront. She makes the best stuffed bitter guard fritters. But the prickly bitter guard almost seem offensive to my eyes. Mom used to tell me if I ate the bread crust on toasts, I would get a thick curly hair; another white lie to get me to eat the food without wasting. I really wish that wouldn’t have been a blatant lie; I still have straight hair to this day.

I used the same technique with ‘A’. As a kid, he believed me. The funny thing about the lie is that I must possess a pretty good memory in order to perpetuate it; telling the truth requires no memory. Food was the battleground between me and A. ‘A’ easily refuses the traditional Indian Food. I always prefer the physical contact with food, both when preparing and eating it. Having seen my mom and my grandmother, I am very religious when it comes to cooking. ‘A’ is very much used to chopsticks and fork. To make him have physical contact with the food, I always have to exaggerate that it is important to touch the food and eat with fingers because the fingers connect the food in a way no other cutlery could. I can build up my stories here, but that be a long post then.

Sometimes to get things done, I seek the help of exaggeration. I know I sound dumb when I have to exaggerate for making ‘A’ eat certain food, but beyond exaggeration, the health benefits are my priority. I don’t care if he thinks me silly. As long as the food reaches the tummy, I am ok to any titles. But things have far improved now. Being a teenager, he knows the good and bad. So, if ever, I get a chance to say the white harmless lies, ‘A’ laughs out loud.

Few days before, I received a call from one of the leading insurance companies. The caller asked me for few details and when it came to age, she asked me if I was around 30. I said, I will be 40 in a few months. I knew she purposely cajoled me to sign up for the insurance policy but I was enjoying her white lies. After I hang up the call, I told K that the caller seems to have found my voice younger. All said K and A burst into laughter. “Mom, didn’t you ever realise that the caller was using your technique so that you buy the policy from her?”, an amused A pulled my legs sarcastically. It was a Kodak moment for us.

Flashback to 2005!

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else – Margaret Mead 🙂


Welcome to syncwithdeep! I am not a prolific blogger. My blog is just 1 month old. I love memories and that was one of my reasons to come up with blogging. I don’t have a niche as I love to write on anything that appeals to me. This is my first year with #BlogchatterA2Z #ATOZChallenge and I have taken up the category woman themed at 40. In a couple of months, I am going to set my foot on 40s, the descending hill. I am sharing on my perspective how this transition is going to transform me in the nearing future. This is absolutely my Personal Experience. I would be glad if you spam me with your comments, whether you agree or disagree. That way, I can know how you welcome your 40s. Stay tuned with me every day to know how I am coping with my 40s.


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53 thoughts on “E – Exaggeration #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge #AtoZ

  1. It’s funny how our parents show up more and more in what we say as we get older. Over the past few years, I hear more and more ‘Momism’s’ pop from my mouth when talking to my niece and nephews. It’s great that you have that tradition of cooking with your mom and grandmother.

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  2. Ok, there was a glitch in my contact page that I was not aware of. It is fixed now and should work. Please try one more time. I apologize deeply for the inconvenience.

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  3. Agree you about having to have a sharp memory to keep all the white lies stuffed in the brain! So many times I have got exposed and had to bite the dust courtesy these white lies. But they do make enjoyable memories!
    “A” is really a smart chap, I can see.

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  4. Ha ha ha..I loved the ending..these people do try to flatter..I remember once a Saree shop employee and told my mother the same thing “bhabi you look so young, buy this” and my mom gave a classic reply “I married late or I could have had a son your age, so stop all this. 😀

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  5. How true that is. We all exaggerate a bit more than necessary to get kids to do something. There have also been times when iv fumbled and bit.more than chew.. but once the kids grow up they do understand!

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  6. I remember once when I hurt my finger and had to wrap it up in band aid. My niece asked me what happened and I told her that I didn’t my food on time so your mother cut my finger.

    She had never eaten food quicker before.

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  7. Loved it! Exaggeration is the most powerful weapon in a mother’s arsenal. Absolutely loved this sentence – The funny thing about the lie is that I must possess a pretty good memory in order to perpetuate it; telling the truth requires no memory. My daughter is small, so I get away with exaggerating things, but I am sure only for a few years before she understands and starts giving me back.

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  8. Telling the truth requires no memory….love that line and certainly one to remember. Exaggeration and hyperbole though is an authors remit. Take the truth and make a lie out if it lol.

    Very good post and keep it up for the rest of this challenge.

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  9. Every mom uses ‘white lies’ to get work done from their kids. Thankfully I don’t have to use a lie to get my daughter to eat as she is a foodie and loves to it. But use it to discourage her from watching TV & using gadgets. However now she is old enough to understand & I could face repercussions if I continue exaggerating.
    Loved the ending !!!

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  10. I never liked eating fish…probably due to the smell and the bones. My dad used to cook up stories about how the smartest scientists of the world, the Japanese would always eat ‘brain-food’…fish.

    What’s worse is that I’m way past 30 now, and my parents are still at it :p


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  11. Exaggeration is often used by females to emphasize their point, like this dialogue:
    W – We never go out.
    H – That’s not true. We went out last week.

    What she wants to tell is she would like to go out for dinner today because she doesn’t feel like cooking, but what she speaks out is mostly misinterpreted by males because they don’t understand the language of exaggeration.

    Another aspect of the story is when we praise somebody, we know that we are buttering, but when others are buttering, we assume it as genuine compliment. We are so hungry for praises; aren’t we?

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  12. As we grow older, we turn into our parents. My mother always laughs when my sister repeats exact words to her kids to get them to eat food. Parents always want the best for their kids. A little white lie is harmless. 🙂

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  13. Oh trust me I have had my share of such white lies from Mother too. We all have sometime or the other. Well with my daughter, I don’t lie about the facts as kids are much smarter today than we were then but do tell her lots of stories.
    Lovely series Deepa.

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