H- Hormonal rage Hakuna Matata #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge #AtoZ


I am not quite old and I am not quite young.

As I age, I see my body changes. Although I feel mentally young, my body is beginning to reject what was considered normal, probably due to hormonal fluctuations. I have experienced unintentional weight gain despite no dramatic change in my heating habits or exercise. I don’t binge on junk or unhealthy food. My clothes don’t quite fit the same as it used to be earlier although the scales read the same. I feel tired and annoyed, irritable and short when I am low. I am finding difficult to get a good night’s sleep. I had read many articles about the symptoms of menopause and understand that I am too young to experience it. I experience anxiety and mood swings often. Night sweats and fatigue has become a part of me.

There are days, when I want to sleep longer, but I am unable to as I have to toss and turn all night longer when A is awake for his exams. All these thought processes thus results in sleep disruption causing me to worry and get angry unnecessarily. Sometimes, I have to worry about A, his age, his friends and his studies. There are times, when we suddenly get calls from our parents about their health problems. That adds more spice to my mood swings and irritation. Sometimes, I have a necessity to contend with societal changes and expectations. While at the back of my mind, I feel vibrant and young, the society says 40. I have pressures to look youthful and fresh as there will be calls for sudden meetings at school. While men at 40 are considered mature, what is the need for women to stay sexy? I am not allowed to be me, am I?

I have heard that 40s can be one of the best times of a woman’s life both emotionally, physically and sexually. Although there is a decrease in dependence and self criticism, I see myself more confident and determined. I hear from my friends that they tend to have an increased libido at this age. Well, this is where my hormones are caged. As men age, their interest in making love increases and as women age, their increase in Spirituality increases. I am getting drawn towards spirituality. As the old saying goes, I see that men are aging like a fine wine and women age like a glass of milk.

With few months away for my 40s, I am preparing myself for the impending physical and emotional changes by making healthier lifestyle choices for a hormonal rage and smooth transition. Hakuna Matata!

It’s OK 2 to be not Okay, isn’t it?


Welcome to syncwithdeep! I am not a prolific blogger. My blog is just 1 month old. I love memories and that was one of my reasons to come up with blogging. I don’t have a niche as I love to write on anything that appeals to me. This is my first year with #BlogchatterA2Z #ATOZChallenge and I have taken up the category woman themed at 40. In a couple of months, I am going to set my foot on 40s, the descending hill. I am sharing on my perspective how this transition is going to transform me in the nearing future. This is absolutely my Personal Experience. I would be glad if you spam me with your comments, whether you agree or disagree. That way, I can know how you welcome your 40s. Stay tuned with me every day to know how I am coping with my 40s.


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32 thoughts on “H- Hormonal rage Hakuna Matata #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge #AtoZ

  1. Deep, there is no way one can stop worrying about kids, their health, studies, etc etc. But there is a way to cope with it. Learn that these are just passing clouds, they will come and go (I mean the worries). Kids will cope, never worry. Be with them as parents to support, they will manage the rest.

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    1. Thanks Meena for the lovely note. Problems are being with a single kid. I hope you understand.. Although we are not dependent on him, I have the the slightest fears of us in our retirement life.


  2. Ha ha ha!! Apologies but I found your ruminations funny Deepa- come one girl you are as old as you feel and not as old as anyone says you are! Feel your age as you wish to – I hit 40 a few years back and trust me I feel more alive than I did in my 20s and 30s – largely becuase I feel my mind is settled, I have learnt to accept things and move on and most importantly I have learnt o love myself! I feel liberated, independant and very very satisfied with my life! Its all in the mind. And yeah I did gravitate towards spirituality a little and am so glad i did – meditation and yoga have done wonders for me! And my dear i am ageing like a fine wine for I truly hate milk!!! 😉
    Pssst- The libido was true two years ago… seems to be bit on a wane now 😉

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    1. 😂😇😄.. True.. The days I wake up happy, I feel happy.. And the days I wake up with irritation, make me feel old.. When I see piles of laundry, cobwebs, my parrots loo scattered and the three divine days, I feel old.. Funny yet true. Thanks for the lovely note shalz


    2. And yes shalz, this is my personal experience.. I am sure others may have a different way they see their midlife.. On the whole, before entering 40s I want to decode the mystery.. I am happy, you are enjoying the 40s as 20s😃😃

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  3. It is ok to be not ok, absolutely normal! Even I have heard 40’s is the best place to be in as women are more Sureka themselves, take lesser bull shit for others. I do hope you find your mojo soon Deep! Blogging is surely going to soar your spirits!

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  4. I can say that 4th decade of life catapults us to the balancing, stabilizing phase. It doesnt do it automatically but makes us do things that lead us to it. That means too many cudgels in hands. Maturity to the rescue and hormones to blame for! Thats life, all sweet and sour, Deepa.

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  5. Life at 40 ! Well I take things as it comes. Live for yourself and let go of kids and all their worries. Most of us go through the same as far as aging is concerned ..The ups and downs,certain days normal, At times cranky, but the best is there is so much to do so much to try out and experience. Spirituality sure is a gradual process and the ultimate truth.

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  6. It’s okay to not be okay. But why not be okay , as it feels better that way. Crossed 40 a while ago. Never felt better. Welcomed the changes, without fretting about them. Would suggest getting a Thyroid test done, if you haven’t got one done recently.

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  7. Embrace age because for sure it’s going to embrace you whether you like it or not . And enjoy the 40’s as you did your 20’s because life only gets better. As a newly minted 60 year old I can only say blame it on your hormones,blame it on your old bones …. just have fun !

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  8. Ha ha, loved the analogy Deepa, women age like a glass of milk. Can relate with you, I am not yet 40 and many a times wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if menopause is already happening to me. I guess I am just a hypochondriac and think the worse at the first symptom.

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  9. I believe its completely ok to be not ok! As someone who will be 40 in some months, I can relate to it on so many levels. It is surely a milestone but nothing changes if u don’t let them change. Just enjoy this new phase Deepa and go with the flow.

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  10. I certainly don’t think there is a blanket rule/characteristic that applies to everyone. Each person and his/her experiences are unique.

    You’re drawn towards Spirituality? Good for you. Someone else is drawn towards sexuality? Good for them 🙂

    Do drop by mine.


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  11. As I grow older, I have come to realise all the age-old cliches about growing older are true. Honestly, not withstanding how one looks, age is truly just a number and you are definitely as old as you feel.
    Life will be even better in 40s Deepa, notwithstanding the changes that you can feel.
    What you are sharing now with the world, you wouldn’t have a decade earlier.
    So enjoy each day as it comes.
    Sharing a link again.


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