K- Kaleidoscopic Life #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge #AtoZ


Life is Colorful like a Kaleidoscope.

True, Life has become more colorful to me since March. I have lost myself in the colors that, I forgot to notice how colorful my home has become. Dust, cobwebs, pencil stains, eraser crumbs and bird shit. Jokes apart, yet, I love this colorful kaleidoscope.

When I registered for the challenge, I had no idea about blogging. I had bugged blogchatter many a time via private message asking too many dumb questions I was unfamiliar with. I was self doubting if I could play the game. Had Blogchatter not spilled some  colors on me, I would have never been known to this world of blogging.

Life is a colorful journey with a never-ending color palette. As a teenager, I loved the Yellow color for its fresh and innocent looks. Being childish in nature, I enjoyed the fresh and warmth of stepping into the sweet teens. I was the happiest and enjoyed being the center of attention due to the high adrenaline rush. Although there is a funny saying about Yellow color -“Yellow Yellow dirty fellow”, I was always joyous as the Yellow tsum tsum.

When I was between 20 to 22 years, I was bold as the Black. My energy level was powerful and I had the strength to face the difficulties. I sometimes became Red when I had to face difficult circumstances and indecent proposals that resulted in anger. I was calm as the Blue sea as my parents were supportive and their faith made me more stable in life.

I got married when I was 23. Love was in the air. When I was emotional in love and lovemaking, I blushed in Pink . Being newly wed, we were sensitive to each other when being popular among office colleagues.

I would say the early thirties between 27 and 30 was as gleeful as an Orange. We had happiness nurturing and parenting A. At the same time, we were working to accumulate wealth for the future.

When I realised I was 31, I was envious and jealous of my younger colleagues who were in their 20s. Slowly I regained conscious of my age and started being matured and balanced. As a family, we had harmony and healthy relationship. We were as fresh as Green.

The early 40s, I felt like a Purple in a Nutshell. This was when I felt the necessity to aspire something in life. I would call this phase a Decoding process, Demystifying the Mystical truths – Love, Lust to Spiritual Transformation, Let GO the EGO, Attached Detachment, and Emotional Balance.

I am waiting to experience the Power of White in my early 40s. I hope to show more kindness and positivity in all aspects of my nearing future.

I am learning from the Ups and Downs, Struggles and Achievements Joy and Sorrow and enjoying the colorful life to the fullest.

I will have to wait for few more years to experience the fifty shades of Gray matter.

Until then Love is in the Air, la vida loca!



Welcome to syncwithdeep! I am not a prolific blogger. My blog is 1 month old. I love memories and that was one of my reasons to come up with blogging. I don’t have a niche as I love to write about anything that appeals to me. This is my first year with #BlogchatterA2Z #ATOZChallenge and I have taken up the category woman themed at 40. In a couple of months, I am going to set my foot on the 40s, the descending hill. I am sharing my perspective how this transition is going to transform me in the nearing future. This is absolutely my Personal Experience. I would be glad if you spam me with your comments, whether you agree or disagree. That way, I can know how you welcome your 40s. Stay tuned with me every day to know how I am coping with my 40s.


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68 thoughts on “K- Kaleidoscopic Life #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge #AtoZ

  1. Well, welcome to blogging! My first challenge, I had been blogging all of three months. You look like you’ve jumped in with both feet.

    Don’t be in too much of a hurry to experience 50. I’ve been there. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

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  2. I really enjoyed the use of colour to describe and define each key stage of your life. I am currently in my Purple in a nutshell phase and hoping for the peace and wisdom of white! The greys can keep to themselves please…I’m plucking way too many out of my hair these days 😂
    Great post

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    1. I know, this was really fascinating to read through. Makes me happy to know I”m not the only one who thinks introspectively about who I am and what I”m doing.

      I’m 47 today. But feel like I did the Purple in a Nutshell she described in my 30s – because I had a son who had no father and I had to step up to the plate fast. Been aspiring ever since.

      I will say I love the confidence of the 40s!!!! I love knowing who I am!

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  3. We all tmstarted as bloggers somewhere. It is ok to be inquisitive and curious at first. Colors mean different things to different people and yet you beautifully expressed your life shades of color. A beautiful post indeed. #Following 🙂

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  4. wow! the way you relate the colors with life is just amazing. Being a blogger, this A to Z is like a festival for me. So many posts to read on different subjects. I am reading, I am learning and I am gathering knowledge. 🙂

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  5. To begin with, I am glad you asked all sorts of questions to Blogchatter regarding the challenge. Just remember, Deepa, no question is ever ‘dumb’. Ask whatever it is that bothers you or troubles you. 🙂

    True, life is a colour palette, with a hundred hues for every phase we experience. I liked how you have given a colour to each phase. I think I should do such a post, too! Will work on it after the A to Z, for sure.

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  6. Fabulous thoughts written in innovative way Deepa. Hope your life is filled with vibrant whites, grays and many more colours that you did not envision before. Enjoy life in full blossom whatsoever be the colours.

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