Gratitude Post to WP Blogger Friends

I am still surprised how fast April fooled me and before I could realize May is here.

I am a new blogger and my blog is just 2 months old. It so happened when I accidentally came across @blogchatter in Facebook. I came to know about this challenge after visiting their website. I was hesitant to join this challenge as I have never blogged before. In a few interactions, blogchatter instilled the confidence in me to take part in the challenge and thus my writings got a shape online.

Although I registered myself for the challenge, I was unsure what to write. I have no specific niche and I was not sure where I stood in my thinking and writings. I came across many posts in the social media where women were talking about midlife. That was the stepping stone for me. Nearing my 40s, I wanted to write on women at 40. I decided to name my theme as Naughty@40. Although the name was catchy, it was difficult for me to write on naughtiness. How hard I tried, I could not extend more than a paragraph. I was struggling with my theme and topics until March 31st. Finally I decided to write on my experience, my take on 40years. Every day was a learning journey for me. I mostly sat down to write my post after 10pm. During the 1st week, my laptop troubled me. I switched to desktop. It crashed and finally my mobile came in rescue. How could I describe the thrilling experience of blogging through a mobile. Swiping right and left, with many windows open, searching for pictures, words and editing.. it was fun and exhilarating.  I became breathless juggling windows and at one point my mobile became slow. AtoZ was an adventure with bumps and pitfalls, but the destination was a smooth landing.

26 posts 30 days with countless friends, tweets, likes, shares, mentions, comments.. What else would a new blogger like me find happiness in? The first week, I was taught by a veteran blogger that, “To be Discovered, I must Discover”. This is of course my words and the blogger used a different punch. I realized the truth when I read someone’s blog, commented on it and their happiness in receiving the comments. I felt myself in those times when I could see the happiness in them being multiplied. When I started reading, I discovered many themes across. I wondered how beautiful one could ever write with such themes.

What did I learn in this journey?

Well, I am still learning. This journey has taught me discipline, determination, confidence, survival, thriving, appreciation and to write better.

Thanks to you all for you have been my regular readers of the post. Thanks to others too for your visits now and then. I am extermely grateful to you for being an inspiration to me throughout this journey.


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21 thoughts on “Gratitude Post to WP Blogger Friends

  1. I just enjoy reading your posts, so much that it has become a part of my day.
    They are inspiring, and help me learn and look things from a different perspective !
    So thank you for filling our lives with words ! ❤
    Keep on spreading them !

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  2. Hahaha…loved it when you said, April fooled me and before you could know, it was May! Same story for me too. Was so clueless after A2Z that I did not take to pen till yeserday!
    Congratulations Deepa for completing the challenge inspite of being newbie and having survived tech scare! You sure are a steely willed person.
    Wishing you new rewarding frontiers dear.

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    1. Hahha. Thank you anagha. Actually you tweeted the post i wrote for my wp friends. I have written a separate post for our atoz challenge friends where in i tagged everyone. Thanks anagha. It was a lovely journey with u and mrs balanced.


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