Liebster Award


Thank you Indhu, The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom for nominating me for Liebster Award. This is my third time, I am getting nominated and I am extremely thankful and grateful to the love. This is a pleasant surprise for me for being nominated thrice. I am glad if my posts relate to you in some way.

Sindhu is a mommy blogger who is passionate to share about parenting and childhood. She has some interesting stories we can relate to.

The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom , Jay, is again an excellent blogger whom you can relate to as well. She takes her time and effort to read the posts and reply them with her unique style. Read her blog to catch up on her interesting stories and poems she shares on her daily life!

THE OFFICIAL RULES OF THE LIEBSTER AWARD 2018 (as seen on The Global Aussie)

The rules are:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award logo.
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger sets you.
  3. Nominate blogs that you think are deserving of the award.
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let your nominees know about their nomination!

So here it goes 21 Questions and my answers..

Go ahead and tell us a little more about you!

Well I have talked a lot about me in 26posts in the AtoZChallenge. So there is nothing much to tell about me here. I am a new blogger of three months old. I am all for nostalgia and happiness. I am a doting mom to a 16 year old boy, a loving wife to a 43 year old man of my dreams and I am myself. I love anything and everything in this world. I even love the things I fear. I am scared of balloons, but I love to see it at a distance when children play with it. My world is my family and they mean a lot to me.

  • What made you to join WordPress?

I had been writing to myself since a long time. Even I decided to become online with my writings, blogging happened to me. I started with blogger but shifted to WordPress on a friend’s recommendations for its user friendly features.

  • Tell us one thing that you are passionate about.

I have a passion for writing since my childhood.

  • Name a character from a book/movie/TV show most similar to you. Why?

I really don’t have a particular character I can relate myself because I almost live in every character I read. Until I close the book, I am the character that I relate to.

  • What was your dream job, when you were growing up?

I always wanted to take up medicine as my career. I wanted to become a gynaecologist and serve the woman folks.

  • Tell us one strangest/interesting thing about where you grew up.

Interesting thing is, I have travelled across India while growing up. Every five years my dad would be on a transfer and so I studied in different schools.

  • If you have the ability to teleport by the blink of your eye, where would you first go?

I would go back to my childhood. Most of the people I came across in my childhood are resting in heaven. So, I would definitely like to travel to my childhood first.

  • Tell us a genre of book/movie that you cannot read/watch.

I hate scientific fiction books. I somehow cannot relate to the book no matter how many times I read the genre.

  • What is your favorite food? Why is it special?

I love dal chawal. Hot rice with steamed lentils with a ladle full of ghee and a bunch of spinach cooked and tempered with pods of garlic in ghee.

  • Tell us the place you would love to visit.

I would love to visit the statue of Liberty in the first place and Niagara falls in the second place.

  • Did you know the meaning of the word Liebster or you had to google it after receiving the award?

This is my second and third nomination. So, when I was nominated the first time, I googled it. Thanks to google.

  • If you could step into any book which book would it be.

Alice in Wonderland

  • How do you like to wake up in the morning?

With a Smile!

  • Besides writing what would be your ideal job?

I was working as a SAP analyst. I wanted to become a doctor, but could not. Ever since I became a mom, I love children. So, my ideal job would be a Teacher for the tots.

  • What is your sense of humor like?

I may sound weird. But I hardly relate to jokes. I am not so fancy about it. But I love Mr Bean, Tom and Jerry cartoons and I laugh like a crazy when I watch it still.

  • Would you prefer to live in the woods or by the ocean?

I love both – ocean for the waves and wood for the serene beauty.

  • Sunshine or thunderstorms?

Sunstorm! Sun and storm πŸ˜ƒ

  • If you could only use one mode of transportation to get everywhere what would that mode be?


  • What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


  • Tent or Mansion?

Tent.. Its easy to transport without wheels.. on a back or even a hunch back!

  • If you were the monster that lived under the bed what type of monster would you be?

I would really not like to be as I kinda don’t want the couples to be disturbed when they make love!

  • What was the name of your first stuffed animal?

I never played with a stuffed toy in my childhood. I had played with non toxic wooden toys only.

Do not get me wrong for not nominating you if you are reading this post. I have just named the persons who I interact with daily. I love all your posts and please be free to participate if you would like to! My nominations are

  1. Devika
  2. Themoonlighteverie
  3. Todd
  4. Neelstoria
  5. Punam
  6. Qui Joacin
  7. Srikanth
  8. Sarah
  9. heartfeltthoughts
  10. Mabel Kwong
  11. Feel Purple aka HP

I have posted 11 Questions for the nominated bloggers. Apart from the nominated bloggers, I would like to invite anyone who is interested to participate! Hope to see your answers soon.

  1. Tell me about yourself in 6 Words
  2. What are the 2 qualities that connect you to someone new?
  3. What is your blog all about?
  4. Technology – Is it a boon or a curse? What excites you most about the current advancement of technology and what makes you most wary? Why?
  5. Do you have a memory that follows you still?
  6. How did your blogging journey begin?
  7. What is your favourite food?
  8. What do you like about WordPress bloggers?
  9. Share something that you like. You can share an experience, a quote or poem or anything that appeals you. The space is all yours!
  10. Do you prefer hard cover books or ebooks? Why?
  11. If you want to convey your Thanks or Sorry to someone, you can do it now.

41 thoughts on “Liebster Award

    1. Hahhha.. I am 1978 born.. Stuffed toys were not much seen it seems. And Indians always love the wooden toys of natural color, non toxic. Even if the baby puts into mouth, it causes no harm. I will post a pic for u sometime with a writeup soon.


    2. And i would really look forward for u to participate in this award.. A good way to answer questions to know more about u and fun to experience answers from the nominees. Shd u want, i will edit the post and add your name.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you so much Deepa for the nomination. Though to be honest I am not much into awards. I will surely answer your questions but can’t promise about nominations, as most people I know on wordpress have already been nominated many times. 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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