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The Safest Place in the World – My Mother’s Lap!

Where on earth is a safer place than mother’s lap? Yes, my mother’s lap is the safest place on the earth for me. I have so many wonderful memories of the beautiful relationship I have with my mom. We live several miles apart, and the memories live with me forever, but sometimes it hurts me too much for remembering that I miss her badly.

I always lay my head on her soft lap whenever I needed her. When I felt low, disappointed, overly joy or I am badly hurt, I lay my head on her lap. I get the comfort and cherished her love. I moment, I close my eyes with my head on her lap, I get the confidence to rise up again, my sorrows give way for joy to enter and my hurt feelings turn into love. There is no other place like a mother’s lap when I feel lonely. The moment, I reach out to her, requesting her presence, she leaves her duties and attends me in no time. I can feel her hands, stroking my hair. Her hands were never soft as mine. She worked very hard. Throughout the day she toiled herself, juggling work and home, running errands, attending the meeting at the office and my school, packing our lunch and taking care of others, but forgetting to self-care herself. I remember her soft voice telling me how much she loved me. She was always positive and surrounded by positive vibes. The moment she tells me “Everything would be okay”, it just was.

As I grew up in my teens, she handled me very delicate. She never preached me, instead, shared good examples of life, the dos and do not’s, Yes, everything shared with me in her cozy lap. Her lap was my throne. When I had difficulties in my working place, she guided me to follow what my heart says. As I got married and left abroad, she asked me if I wished for anything as a parental heirloom to carry with me. I wished for her lap and she was all smiles. No matter how grown up I am, I am always her baby. Those comforting moments on her lap are incomparable. She is my angel, my sanctuary, my heaven.

No matter, what comes and goes in my life, the sweet memories of nesting in my mother’s lap will forever be the most precious memories to me. I still yearn for those precious moments as often as I get to spend only 15 days when I visit my hometown. While on a holiday trip, it is impossible to spend my time with her as we would be taking turns to visit our friends and relatives. The maximum I get to spend at my mom’s place would be three days. By the time, I realize my sacred moments with her, my holiday would end.

I have been married for 18 years now. I am a mother of a 16-year-old boy. I wish I had a daughter who could experience this joy from me. Still now, when I yearn for her lap, I close my eyes tight and experience the joy of drowning myself in her memories and I can feel her caressing my hair and telling me, “Everything would be okay”.

I don’t believe in rebirth and neither do I wish to be born again. But if God is very pleased with me or crossed with me, and he wants me to be born again, I wish to be the Mother of my Mom and have her on my lap!

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