Puzzle – 100 Word Story Challenge


I gave a piercing yell as I raced from the bedroom to the kitchen where mom was busy baking a cake.

Chirpy (my parrot) was baffled at my cry and literally puzzled.

Why did you remove my bed from the bedroom? I asked mom.

But you wanted to sleep alone, so I had to change!

Mom, when I asked you yesterday for a sleepover at Lisa’s, you said I am still young to sleep alone! So why now?

Today you are grown up!

Dad whispered to Mom, ten months from now, we will welcome our new member!

(97 words)

Linking up with ‘Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge’ week 4


13 thoughts on “Puzzle – 100 Word Story Challenge

    1. Thank you anshu.. I read your mystery award post. Suffering with pain in my right hand. So unable to comment fast.. I have a list of to do things.. Thanks , true..i have not asked this q to my parents but yes, my son did..

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