Knifepoint – Twittering Tale #84 – 15 May 2018

Photo by malmanxg at unsplash

Jane’s eyes are glued to the screen.

Her boyfriend’s arm rubs her breast as he reaches for the nachos. She wiggles in her seat.

He emits a piercing cry. His pupils move from side to side signalling Jane.

Sitting at the back with a hooded top, Jane’s hubby gives a wicked smile 🙂 🙂 🙂


(278 characters) Twittering Tale 84- 15 May 2018

Thank you Kat for this wonderful prompt!

#Flashfiction #knifepoint #syncwithdeep



13 thoughts on “Knifepoint – Twittering Tale #84 – 15 May 2018

      1. hahha thanks a lot jay. love your enthu and absolutely loved the way u became an awesome listener to hear the story.. i saw the child in you honestly 🙂 i really suck in writing stories jay.. these are bit size stories like six words better and i am somehow moving the trump card.. but will defnitely respect ur words to write a full leanth story in future, just for you:)


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