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My mom had no complication
when she was pregnant,
free from nausea,
and preggy boredom.
She enjoyed her first trimester
seeing her belly grow,
inch by inch,
day by day,
and month after month!

It all happened
one sudden day
while walking along the woods,
she stepped on a dead chameleon.
her ‘bag of waters’ broke open,
and out flowed the amniotic fluid,
my grandmother rushed her to the emergency,
where her belly was cut open.
and lo! I was born
a premature baby 
at 36 weeks without a warning!

I was very very tiny
a little larger than her palm.
the doctors were surprised
as I survived with no harm!
during transition home
after 60 days in an incubator
my dad’s stress levels rose
while my mom’s stayed constant.

My dad always says
bringing home a premature baby
was emotionally wonderful
as well as physically stressful.
but the moment he put me
on his bare chest 
when I was out of the incubator
he became the ‘rock’!

Crazy was my dad’s love
for he was excited 
seeing the first poo
the first time he bottled me
and the momentous move 
from incubator to cot!

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride
Some lucky with a smooth transition,
And some with complication,
Salute to the parents,
who witness the strength of mind
Of a premature baby
fighting for life
and each breath they take
is a life changing moment
for the parents who strived
beyond doubt
 A miracle of God!
© syncwithdeep, 2018

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25 thoughts on “The Miracle of God! – The Daily Post

    1. Thanks much mabel.. I was a c section baby.. My brother who was born after 9 yrs was premature. I have seen how my mom was excited and unbelievable. I can write if and only i imagine myself in the scene. So i took the avatar. The real fighter is my brother. But my preg did have a complication with vaginal tearing off artificially. Still it haunts me sometimes. Thanks for revisiting.

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