It has arrived – #FFfAW #FlashFiction


Oh dear! It took 10 hours for me to clear all the mess in his room, a joyfully tired Mrs. Kumar recounts the tiring day with her husband.
Mr. Raj, It took us 10 hours to wrap up, dress and seal back!
He should reach here in four hours, Mr. Kumar confirms with the SMS.
Shekar, Is everything done? I hope it reaches them in time without delay.
Mr.Kumar shed tears of joy. Finally, after 4 years he is going to meet him.
Shekar, the Casket Service Director’s eyes were clouded with tears. He hammers the four corners and says goodbye!
The city’s best brass band ensemble is booked to give him a royal welcome.
Raj, along with his company staff, bid a final goodbye to the construction worker Vijay.
He has arrived! Mr. and Mrs. Kumar exclaim in joy!
It has arrived safely. Raj texts Shekar.

Two Ends Waiting-  waiting for his arrival, waiting It to be delivered!

(147 words)

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#Flashfiction # life #syncwithdeep

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