(C)Rush – Friday Fictioneers


It’s my wife’s favorite station along the riverside. This old station brings me happy memories. We fell in love at this station. I am on my way to our new home, where I will live with her. It’ll be a perfect house, just for us, free from any torturous troubles. I run across the busy main road, not looking or stopping. I have to be in time, at least today, I tell myself. I run through the railway museum and jump over the barrier onto the old platform.

Here comes the fastest train, I take a deep breath. Jump!

(99 words)

Linking up with Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge hosted


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

#fridayfiction #100-word story challenge #syncwithdeep


21 thoughts on “(C)Rush – Friday Fictioneers

    1. hahhaha.. to be frank, every post, if it demands the word count, i carefully restrict.. but this naturally ended up with 99 words without checking. I realise, this fiction stands alone with a question mark.. whether, i jumped, or caught the train or crushed or my the crush with his wife made him to to rush.. let me try if i can develop something.. i would invite you to try if you can spin something..

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