The Bait – First Line Friday

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Martha and Rosie were queuing for the security check at the airport. The customs rummaged around their luggage and peered into their bodies.

People shared their humiliating experiences with each other on the plane after takeoff. Some were dismantling their shoes to uncover the hidden treasures.

Martha and Rosie rolled their eyes in doubt just as they did down below when the customs people were probing inside their bodies.

The man who sat next to Martha was removing his dentures.. Martha and Rosie were glued to their seats when they saw the diamonds from the hideout (dentures).

Meanwhile, at the customs, the video footage was grainy but Taylor the customs officer recognized them easily. He spotted the million dollar worth diamonds in the dentures of the man who was seated beside Martha.

Linking up with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – First Line Friday: June 8th, 2018

#fiction #story #FLF #syncwithdeep

Your line for this week is:

The video footage was grainy, but Taylor recognized them easily.

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