Sunshine Blog Award


Thanks to the very brilliant and talented writer Robbie Yates for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Do visit his blog for he writes the most brilliant poems with a sense of humor and wits.

I am extremely sorry for the late acknowledgement as I was running errands.

I hereby nominate the following bloggers for this award.


Sarah -weejars



Priscilla Shamin


Darol D’cruz

My questions to the nominees
1. A quote which applies to your character
2. bucket list / dreams yet to achieve
3. What food means to you?
My answers to Robbie Yates..
1. Favourite sandwich filling
Avacado with jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, mint leaves and red onions
2. What came first, the chicken or egg?
The egg came first, then it hatched a chicken.
3. What is the embarassing thing you did when you thought no one was looking?
Despite the cameras in the bus and mrt in my country, I once gobbled a sandwich. I was exteremely hungry after a tiring day at office. But to my dismay, I saw many faces staring at me weirdly as I was just seated beneath the poster “No drinks and food allowed”.
Thank you so much Robbie Yates for the easy peasy questions and I really had fun answering them.

14 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award

  1. Congrats on the nomination! Well deserved. Lol at you eating on the MRT. Must have been really hungry 😀 Thank you for the nomination! It is very kind of you and I will put a link to your blog on my blog. There are so many things I want to achieve…one of them is writing a book on my own and I am doing that it is so so so hard 😀

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