Lonely Umbrella – FFfAW


I am 30 years, eligible maiden, yet to fall in love.

Every time I am surprised when I watch people falling in and out of love. Why didn’t I ever give a chance for this magic four? Am I heartless enough not to fall in love?

The clock struck 6 and I gave myself a gentle reminder to come back to present.

I quickened my pace as the clouds began to gather in the sky.

I inch purposely as I see Karthik, my colleague. Past few months my heart skips a beat the moment I see him.

We felt the first splatter of rain. Karthik was all smiles and said β€œCome, join me. Seems you have forgotten again.”

I inched closer and as the heavens poured I stealthily look into my bag and smile at the lonely umbrella.

my hand trembling with desire
I reach out to touch you
wishing I don’t find you

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#flashfiction #amwriting #love #life #syncwithdeep

(154 words)


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