Dream Big – Sunday Photo Fiction


Whenever I pass by the Music hall, my heart skips a beat. Once in my lifetime, I wish to perform opera in the town musical hall.

I am born deaf. But I have a lovely voice, and I am confident of it.  While growing, I never worried about losing my hearing, but once when I had a sneak preview of the street opera, I fell in love with the vocal pieces accompanied by the instruments. I had a crazy love for the large ladies in chiffon singing high and low poetic verses in their unique body language. When I expressed my interest to join the opera troupe my friends mocked at me and called me lame. Some even went to the extent of bullying me that I could never become a bathroom singer. I felt suicidal and my ambitions crushed.

Call me brave or foolish, I went on to study Music. I gathered the support of some like-minded special people like me with the inability to hear and formed a sign language opera for the deaf where we use facial expressions, gestures, and body language.

Today I stand the Soprano of our Opera Performance at the Town Music Hall. 

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