amble memories


I am feeling chaotic in my mind. I have no clue where I am or how on earth did I get there. What am I going to do and where am I going to go? I only heard the word “memory loss.” I did not understand anything. My memory is blurred. The present I do not know who I am, the past a fading dream and the future I am unsure what is waiting for me.

With no hope, I stand nowhere in the middle of the road lonely and confused. I hear a soft voice.

I will amble you to safety my ‘shadow’ promised.

Linkling up with FOWC- Memory

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#amwriting #fiction #life #love #syncwithdeep

16 thoughts on “amble memories

    1. Thank u rads. The plot was different for memory actually, but when i was about to click publish i saw the word of the challenge. So rewrote with the last line. Thanks radhika


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