our first and last…


When their eyes met the first time, it made her whisper sweet nothings. It was
love at first sight.

The first kiss took her breath away. She was head over heels. The proposal made her hit it off.  She felt those three little words like an icing on the cake.

Marriage would have been a match made in heaven without a doubt if they had tied the knot.

The apple of her eye has been kept alive for four years after the fatal bike accident. He suffered brain damage and lapsed into a persistent vegetative state, competing for life.

Once the terminal illness was diagnosed, her last resort was the end of life. She knew that there was nothing that could prepare her for the pain of this farewell.

After a long kiss and a hug, she injected him into the coma followed by another injection to stop his heart. She kissed him gently and downed the fluid to join him as they were a
match made in heaven.

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