wind – the breath of heart


God breathed first
into his nostrils
the breath of life
the man became
 a living being

the moment
I was born
the midwife
held me high
to check my breath
I took my first breath
when mom held me
close to her bosom
her breath was divine

as I grew up
I enjoyed taking
different breaths
different occasions
my first walk
my first talk
my puberty
and teenage
every time I breathed
I felt
mystic and heavenly

My first kiss
two breaths mixed
for this rhythm of breath
I would give up my life

When I miss you
partner of love
I am wrapped
in a lonely breath
I cry out for you

I breathed in relief
signs of hope
when I heard
my baby’s first cry

breath and air
air and breeze
breeze and wind
wind and breath
I realized everything is same
when the midwife winked
“Oh dear!
Did u pass wind”?
making me shy
heaving a sigh of relief!!

Linking up with Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wind

#amwriting #poetry #poem #life #love #syncwithdeep


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