It’s my new addict
browsing my
and timeline
for wanderlust

shuttling between
travel blogs and apps
I am a virtual traveler
in disguise

I travel to more places than you
by wheels, by air,
by water
by walk
I travel the maximum distance
and capture extraordinary things
my eyes capture
and my heart clicks
I find solace in my expressions
in everything I care
I can return anytime
to my abode
before you’re back

while you are breaking your heads
for your next travel
counting on your meagre savings
and budget motels
I have traveled
all over the world
listicles and photographs
now tell me
I have to step out
and see the world
by saving
throughout the year
like you do
virtually wanderlust 
on my own?

Linking up with #Writephoto



#amwriting #poetry #love #life #syncwithdeep


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