Having seen my
parents in love
since childhood
no matter how worse
difficult times
tested their patience
I inherited
the art of loving
from my parents
as I grew up
society taught
me hatred

My family
is a palette of colors
my dad was black
so was my brother
my mom was wheatish
and I was born
with a color
that reminded
them of the beet
I inherited from them
to see colors as only colors
but society taught me

It was Christmas
our neighborhood
were all celebrations
while friends believed
santa will
come down the chimney
to deliver gifts
dad amazed me,
“It is not father santa
who delivers gifts
but it is me”, said he
once again I inherited
from my family
but as I
stepped out of my house
I had to lie
to please my friend
to make my teacher believe
to compromise in my business
to be rewarded for promotion
I learned to lie
head to toe
to please
the society
and me

While I inherited
the core values
struggled to abide them
society rewarded me
and irrelevant
I was forced to transform
to adapt to
the social stigma
to play the
Life game

Values are inherited
but life is the
hardest time
that teaches us
the most
valuable lessons!

Originally posted on Candlesonline. Please visit candlesonline to explore the brilliant articles. Thank you Chiradeep.

Value- Inherited or Taught

In this world of moral degradation it is necessary for all of us to consider the value
system that we have in the present scenario. But the question arises is value inherited or taught during the life time? If the value isinherited then a human with no value could never be taught or stay inhuman rest of his/her life. Secondly, if it is taught then how and when can we teach these indispensable values to our children. Let’s discuss as we write and read.

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17 thoughts on “Revolt

    1. Thank u srikanth. Today was the best day. I wrote many and i loved each of them. I read many and loved the thoughts of other writers. Everyday is a new day for me. We have a long weekend from tonight on behalf of national day. So probably would not be writing until weekend.. I say this but my hands will not be able to resist. Thank u for the encouraging comments.. You have been the best😃❤❤❤

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