colorful summer

When I was a preschooler
I had a crazy crush for pastels
as I loved the vibrant colors
I ended up tasting a pastel
When my teacher talked about colors
I loved the red amongst the others
Blood red, apple red, and also the beet
I wished for my cupid bow lips glossy red

I secretly loved the yellow
yellow yolk, yellow banana, yellow cheese and yellow teeth
when I was caught crunching the yellow pastel
grandfather squeezed a yellow lemon
‘yellow, yellow,’ I said
‘you are a dirty fellow,’ he said

I tried the green followed by the blue
green did not taste as delicious as blue
perhaps I ate them one after the other
I ended up having Pica flu

while the family enjoyed
colorful ice cream scoops
I waked up to constellation tablets
and spinach soup
I heard Summer brings joy
but my vacation ended
being cooped indoor

Linking up with Thursday photo prompt: Summer #writephoto

WODC – Constellation

#amwriting #love #life #poetry #syncwithdeep


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