i would dance in a field of daisies


having coming to know
today is my last day
on this mighty earth
I would forget everything
and live every moment
without plans about future
and worries about past

I had already spent my life
forgetting my
childhood and teenage
aiming for grades
a place in the university
and job placement

I wasted my youth
hopping jobs
expecting appraisals
and higher placements

When I married
I forgot myself
I worked
towards a family
that never loses its
because of me
I became
the trellises
to support
the creepers
failing to realize
my hunchback
I watered
nurtured them
from becoming dry
till I wilted out

I had been a mouth
when they forgot
to talk for themselves
I had been their hands
when they were unable to reach
I had walked for them
when they forgot their way
I became their eyes
when they forgot
to see the good in them
I listened for them
so that they don’t hear
unpleasant things
on the whole
I have carried
their emotions
in their physical body

having lived for others
every day of my life
do I not deserve
the last day only for me
I will not trouble anyone
by asking apologies
or expressing my gratitude
for they may be uncomfortable
to thank me
apologize to me
or accept my apology
I am expecting
to know my last day
so that
I would forget everything
dance in the field of daisies!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’



For this edition of WOW, imagine ‘Today Is Your Last Day On Earth’. What would you do with it? Will you have a list of things that you want to accomplish or would sit somewhere and recall several things?

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16 thoughts on “i would dance in a field of daisies

  1. That was a great round up of the life Deepa. I feel we should regularly take stock of life and weed out the follies, just by imagining that today is the last day of life! Life would be much lighter to go ahead with after such exercise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u so much Mathew for the nice badges. I am humbled by your comments and glad that you had been a regular visitor to my posts. There has not been a day without your visit. Thanks so much for the support and love. Coming to what u have said about the imagery, this post was written for a prompt, “if today was your last day on the earth what would you do,” and my resposne justified that i would live that one day for myself and not allow any trespassers inside. Daisy represents purity.. Dancing in purity despite the negative changes in life.. If u read now you can relate.. Thanks again so much


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