i don’t know why…


I have read Cesar Milan’s books and watched most of his videos. I take pride to say that I am a diehard fan of his show. His insight has made me better to understand about them. His books and episodes share insights from his experience growing up around them. He says we must take the approach of love and kindness when dealing with them.

I am proud to consider myself a great dog whisperer. The neighborhood dogs are friendly with me. They way their tail and rush towards me when I enter the street.

Watching Cesar’s dog whisperer show, I have gained the confidence to train dogs. There is just one problem, and I don’t know why my dog alone does not understand what I whisper.

FFfAW Challenge – 180th

Thank you Ying Lan for the Photo Prompt and Priceless Joy for the Challenge.

#amwriting #fiction #love #life #syncwithdeep

22 thoughts on “i don’t know why…

  1. This is a rather interesting take on the prompt, I had not heard of Cesar Millan. But I believe that truly clever dogs will never let on that they understands you, as they enjoy playing games with their owners.

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