backyard stories


the calm white fluffy clouds
in the morning
that gently floats along
with the breeze clouds
are fighting now
before they darken to
gray nimbostratus clouds
to bring rain
hey! its monsoon

winter clouds look
fluffy cumulus and beautiful
painted in the hues
of the different shades of the rainbow
they look beautiful
than monsoon

the clouds are scattered
living in harmony
they form shapes
without fighting for space
spring bore hopes

the clouds are very few
as the sky is clear
the sun looks relentless
waiting to play
hide and seek with the clouds
summer solstice brings joy

I am lying down
thankfully alive
in my backyard
cloud gazing patterns
in the hypnotic canvas
every season

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Backyard

#amwriting #poetry #love #life #syncwithdeep

22 thoughts on “backyard stories

  1. How beautiful! As a child, I would spend hours lying on the grass and watch the clouds float by. I would often get lost in pareidolia and make my own perception of each cloud. Some looked like a bird, a human face or a fairy. It used to be my favorite pastime.

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