if only…


Stop making that noise, Tia
Stop playing the guitar right now, Tia.
Can you stop running around, Tia?
Tia did all she could to thwart her dad’s attention from his mobile.
If only, dad spends time with me, sighed the motherless child.

BrewNSpew Cafe

Word of the week – thwart (verb) – prevent (someone) from accomplishing something. To oppose successfully; defeat the hopes or aspirations of. Synonyms – stop, prevent, keep from, foil, frustrate.




18 thoughts on “if only…

  1. This is such a heart touching post, deepa. A mother of two I can understand. Children today, just want our attention and when they dont get it they do all sorts of mischief to get our attention. But alas, if we understand their need for it instead of scolding them. I feel for kids whose parents dont spend time with them but instead hand them over to the nannies or gadgets. We are moving to a strange world.

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    1. true that rashi.. some worst cases, i have seen the parents giving away another mobile to the child who seeks their attention. that way they are liberated from their worries. thanks for the comments, rashi


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