Guess the verdict!


may it please your Lordship!
Thank you! you may proceed
My Honour
I am representing the Alphabets
and the honorable prosecution lawyer
represent the Words
my client has filed a copyright issue
on Words
for using him every day in everything
Objection My honor!
my learned friend and his client
seriously needs some counseling
Objection overruled!
Thanks, My Lord!
My client requests for
an exemplary warning against Words
Order! Order! Order!
the court is adjourned
until further notice

The case is still unsolved. Any efficient lawyers to reopen the case?


WODC- Exemplary

RDP – Copyright

5 thoughts on “Guess the verdict!

  1. Very clever Deepa ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ very thought provoking !!!
    My final judgement :
    While the words have the copyright issue none can use words without permission and so the council is recommended for applying copyright for alphabets and none can form words without infringing the copyright.. henceforth the judgement is โ€œSilence โ€œ

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