festival of lights


In the dingy battered old factory, two shivery fingers smeared in gunpowder manufacture the festival of lights!

Not all things that light up are beautiful.

#Flash Fiction Challenge



18 thoughts on “festival of lights

    1. things that light us up because of someone shedding their light to brighten us up, don’t really brighten me. I had long before given up the interest in bursting crackers on Deepavali, the festival of lights! a small take from me as a goodwill ambassador.


  1. I was never enamored with crackers, but developed a hatred when I saw my dog suffer during Diwali. My mother would darken a room, and sit with her huddled in the lap. We could sense the shivers down her spine. Recently, I read somewhere that one shoudl stuff cotton balls in their ears. Not sure to what extent it would help.

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    1. We were the once to burst the crackers first in the neighborhood long before. Ever since heard about the deaths in factories while manufacturing crackers, we gave up on that. And u know, Singapore has a ban on crackers.. So our festival of lights is kept to simple practices these days.

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