memories consume

there was a time
I would wait in long queues
bearing a handful of coins
outside the red telephone booth
for the magical instrument
perched on a rickety wooden shelf

I would smile
thinking about the one
whose memory itself
would bring a smile
I was waiting to hear

the beep beep of the dial tone
the cling of the coin
the ring echoing
the anticipation brimming with hope
the click of the receiver
the cautious hello
and the confident how do you do
the long conversations
much to share
within the handful shillings
one at a time

now I type
alphabets, numbers
emoticons and pictures
forward, receive,
update status and broadcast
flooded with likes
tired answering calls
arched back and aching calls
non stop action

but we don’t talk anymore…

handheld ever
free talk time, calls, and messages
but we don’t talk anymore…

What do you see


35 thoughts on “memories consume

  1. the art of conversation died along with the obsolete telephone booth. now the text message creates more anxiety than waiting for that joyful phone call. you connected these two eras and feelings so well.

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    1. Thank u Gina. Yea I have also used this earlier to call my grandparents those days from a different city as there was no intl connection at home. I hardly remember getting a land-line at my parents only when I got married in 2000.

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      1. we were slow to get mobiles too, was costly and seemed unnecessary, telephones in general really, as we were within contact distance of those we needed to be, and wrote letters to those further. the phone booth was more for emergencies but now the phone seems indispensable, or have we just made it that way?! good thoughts here from you!!

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