Adolescence played its best part in my life. After higher secondary, I was lured of something attractive, better, and most wanted heart throb of the youngsters.

I ended my 8 year relationship without a remorse and now regret for it.

She was lovely ladybird 🚲

tell a tale thursday


12 thoughts on “Breakup

  1. I can so relate to it, Deepa. I had BSA SLR when I was in 5th std and rode it till I was in 10th Std. It was with some regret that I gave it away for a Kinetic Honda. Some good memories you create on bicycles! Welcome to #TellTaleThursday

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    1. Thank you Anshu.. I got a Luna magnum after my bike days.. Then switched to kinetic Honda, then hit married and came to SG. Sometimes I drive and to nearby shops, I am back to cycling.. The prompt was very intriguing.. BTW, I am no good in writing long stories with a fixed word count. Sometimes I can make it and many times, my story does not permit me to write.. If u have no objecting to me writing crisp tales, I would love to be a regular visitor to the Thursday prompts anshu.. Do let me know.. Thanks again.for sharing your memories


      1. Luna magnum…those were some days! Kinetic Honda was a fav amongst our generation, now it’s stopped sadly!

        Glad you liked the prompt. #TellTaleThursday has the max word count as 250 words as we find people find it strenuous to read long stories.However, anything under that is more than welcome. Crisp tales – all the more welcome!! πŸ™‚ Look forward to seeing you regularly on #TTT, Deepa!

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