I opened
the cage
let the bird
its first flight
It yelped
as though
“at least one of us
deserve to spread
the wings free!”

I know this is my third poem writing on birds, setting it free from cage. I pet 6 birds and sometimes find myself guilty for not allowing them enjoy their wonderful ability to fly. Several times I had decided to set them free but I also scare that if they are unable to fly high and unable to find food, they might die or become a prey to another animal or bird.. This guilt perhaps makes me write again and again.. Does anyone of you have bird’s? Would love to hear your emotions…


17 thoughts on “(un)apologetic

  1. Atleast one of us deserves to spread wingsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    My nani had a parrot
    He was there as far as I remember
    When my nani passed away he too died few days later
    Nani lived all alone in her house and that parrot was her only family I guess
    We all visited her only on festivals otherwise she lived with the parrot all alone in that big house

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