I get
so tired
of running
from this
dreading life…
I give in
and wait
my fears and tears
come rushing…
and while
I may
cry seas
break like waves
crashing against
heartless shore,
I always
bounce back…
My fears
can break me
they can’t
beat me


20 thoughts on “withIn

  1. Deepa, this is WONDERFUL–and even more wonderful is that I’ve found you again. I used to follow you from my previous blogs…but my memory is bad and I couldn’t recall your name or blog name, and that made me sad! Now we are reconnected, and my day is so happy ❤ ❤ ❤ How is the restaurant going? That is what I think I remember our last comments being about–but if I'm wrong, I apologize! 🙂

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    1. Thank u so much for coming back.. I am so humbled by your love.. Have you changed your name in any way? Yea, restaurant is going pretty well.. It’s just that we find it difficult to manage.. Fingers crossed.. U can remember me very simple.. Think about syncing deep.. My blog is syncwithdeep❤️😊❤️


      1. I will bookmark your blog so I can’t lose you again ❤ Yes, I changed blogs, and name–"Fleur". I noticed you have Facebook–may I contact and friend you there, please? 🙂 I will pray that the restaurant is more blessing than stress! I've thought of you so often, and missed you–today I am so happy for our hearts to be connected again ❤ 🙂 ❤

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