next time
when a newbie says
grass is green on the other side,
why not spring into action
to experience
the different shades of green!


9 thoughts on “(re)newbie

    1. Thank u Gina for enquiring on me.. To be honest, I was thinking about you and I bumped into your insta post.. Thought of sending u a message and got held up with some work.. Yea, me doing well.. Not very much active into writing as before as I have some new commitments and above all praying hard for my sons a level exams..

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      1. i will pray for him too now Deepa. be a good mum and be present. I thought about you too and was looking thru your insta posts probably at the same time too! i am at a low inspiration season too. hoping we both get out of this slum p soon eh?! be well and know you can always chat with me ok, even about nothing!

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      2. Thank u Gina.. So sweet of you to give me some positive vibes.. I am so stressed as the exam dates are nearing .. Trying to be occupied but still diversions could not be avoided.. Thank you for your prayers…

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      3. i know what you are going thru, been there times 4!!! and still going thru with the college going ones! hang in there he will be ok, he has good support from you.

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