as a child and a grown up adult I always dreamt of flying even when being on ground I breathed, lived and loved to pursue my bucket list a random solo trip, miles apart on a different time zone where one welcomes the dawn with a good morning… and the other bids farewell to the […]

pregnant pause

rushing panting speeding across each other in wheels of four or two or sometimes on foot running out of breath in this endless race to nowhere with no winners checkpoints at red light sometimes… now, I know why the hundred thousand thoughts inside my head rushing panting speeding across each other seems normal to others… […]

Happy Deepavali 🎉🎊

now I recognize that it is easier to recreate the moment and most importantly it is best to LIVE IN THE MOMENT…. enjoy every bit of it for every moment however it may be has something wonderful to offer. make memories to bring back a smile or a tough day. don’t get addicted to old […]