summer died that night

every day I decide not to commit a mistake I correct my old mistakes by day and make a new one by night summer died that night! MLMM – First Line Friday Your line for this week is: Summer died that night. #amwriting #poetry #love #life #syncwithdeep  


I sit and rant Is this something so difficult And bound to happen Why is it so acute While I am in the process of learning to forget the past the earth made a trip round the sun and I am still where I was FOWC – Bound WODC – Pithy SOCS- Round #amwriting #love […]

in conversation with onomatopoeia

some days I drown in a split of loneliness the web of your thoughts inserted on to my spine cries every single time ‘save me!’ Patter I hear the same sound as our sweet memories hit my mind again and again I try to shove your thoughts away latch them in a secret vault but […]

bored panda

  Honey, does this look good? I nod quickly thinking my way to escape. Is this one better? She asked me. If I nod again, I fear she’ll say, ‘so what is wrong with the first one?’ Which one do you prefer? This was she again. Oh, darling! You look equally amazing in both. Oh, […]


every time i blow bubbles in the air lifting away with them is my veil of pessimism Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lift #amwriting #poetry #love #life #syncwithdeep