a long wait that I expected turned out unexpected I did not practice my lines her face did not carry the makeup our souls whispered like the susurrus of the wind the best enticing date for a steady relationship! Linking up with WODC – Susurrus, Enticing Linking up wth FOWC – Steady Advertisements

Delicious Ambiguity

Have you experienced the Monday blues? There are days when our thoughts are overflowing and we run out of space to store it. And then there are days when we sit to write but stare at the blank page struggling to find a single relevant word. Some days I really look forward to writing something […]

connection… #weeklytankachallenge

happiness is when a writer marries the language peace is when a story is born out of this marriage peace and happiness go together when at least one reader can relate to it Linking up with #weeklytankachallenge -Peace & Happiness #amwriting #tanka #poetry #poem #freeverse #syncwithdeep #love #life

swing (Jhoola) – Photochallenge #222

I was a shy girl my cheeks always blushed whenever we met we always made a strident chorus laughing for anything chuckling over naughty things you always liked to surprise me I recall the childhood days and feel your warmth I remember the day you showed me how priceless is the joy by pushing me […]